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How to Act like a Local in London

London tube stations are famous in their own right. If you haven’t seen the Hammersmith Tube Station for instance, you can actually catch a glimpse of it in the 2008 released film Adulthood. The terminal also makes an appearance in a music video for Lily Allen! According to the Daily Mail, the song for this music video, LDN, was inspired by Wordsworth’s poem about Westminster Bridge.

And when on a visit to London, checking into one of the hotels in Hammersmith like Holiday Inn London West, which lies close to the tube terminal helps with easy access to the station and the rest of London as well. However, if you prefer using public transport and enjoy mixing and mingling with the locals, it would be a good idea to have an idea of their ways. Being able to conduct yourself like a Londoner can prove to be exceptionally helpful in making friends while in the city. It would be easier to interact with the staff members of your budget hotel in Hammersmith as well!

Get your Etiquette Right

Londoners or Britishers for that matter are known to be a bit more reserved and generally, very polite, well, in most cases. So, be prepared to use terms like “thank you” and “please” liberally. So, while buying something from a shop or when asking for a service from your attending staff at the budget hotel in Hammersmith you are in, make sure you request it and follow it up with a mark of gratitude. These are the situations when we tend to forget courtesy the most. In addition, you must always inculcate the habit and patience of queuing up. London people love to wait for their turn in queues and they prefer a neat arrangement when one person stands quietly behind the other. A messy gaggle is not appreciated.

Be Careful with your Choice of Language

While you might believe that Englishmen prefer speaking only English, the truth is that London is a multicultural destination today. Most locals here know more than one language and your mother tongue could well be one of their fortes. Therefore, never choose to mouth derogatory terms in your own language presuming that nobody will actually understand. Remember, every language in the world is actually spoken in London.


When it comes to taking photos, tourists are certainly more enthusiastic than locals. However, some important directives have to be kept in mind. For instance, most tourists love to take a picture of a train arriving at the station. However, when you do this, make sure you are confident and your flash is switched off. Often, the light of the flash could end up blinding the driver, leading to accidents. Never take pictures of locals without seeking permission and avoid staring at people unnecessarily. The locals do not take to it very kindly, but that does not mean they aren’t friendly.

Londoners are always ready to help a fellow traveler and you will find them to be warm-hearted in general. So, feel free to ask for directions or even engage in conversations with people on the tube. Do not be shy and just go ahead and act like a local in London. You will have a wonderful time with the people there.

Make sure you follow some general tips as well when visiting London:

• Carry cash, since cards are often not accepted by shops or even buses;

• Get ready for sudden showers; pack an umbrella or jacket accordingly;

• Visit popular attractions during early morning hours to avoid long queues.

Enjoy your trip to London and have a great stay at your chosen hotel. Bon, voyage!

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