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The Joy of Visiting Legoland

The chain of Lego themed amusement parks around the world are all part of Legoland, making them an instant hit with young children and families everywhere. According to Wikipedia.org, Legoland has a number of chains around the world, including in Windsor, London, California and Florida, in the USA, Germany, Denmark and even Malaysia. All of these chains are not completely owned by Lego Group, they are co-owned by British theme park company Merlin Entertainments. Designed for families and children, there are a number of fun and adventure rides, complete with subtle and extreme roller coasters. While each park across the five countries has its own separate and unique features, a few things such as a model village, the Lego mainland, and models of iconic landmarks made from Lego bricks are common to all. If you are planning to visit Legoland, a good idea is to stay at a hotel near Legoland so that you can save on travel time and expense.

Legoland in Windsor London

If you are travelling to London with children, a good idea is consider staying at a cheap hotel in Heathrow Airport, such as Master Robert Hotel, since it in close proximity to several attractions that are a hit with kids. Even Legoland in Windsor is a short distance away, complete with more than 55 interactive rides for children between the ages of 2 to 12 years. Other everyday events include workshops and live shows, performed within the 150 acre of beautiful parkland.

Follow the trail of a pirate or join a Viking fleet and be prepared to get soaking wet in the wild water rides in this unique family themed park. Young kids can steer their own course at the driving school or captain their own vessel at the boating school in the park. Don’t forget to book hotels near Legoland, like Master Robert Hotel, in advance so that you don’t have to spend hours travelling to such attractions. It is vital to reach this park early, since there is so much to explore and do, making it difficult to cover the entire park in a single day.

A Brief Guide to Visiting Legoland

International tourists arriving at Heathrow Airport can conveniently find great transit options, such as train, the tube, buses or taxis, along with accommodation at a cheap hotel in Heathrow Airport. Make sure you book Legoland tickets in advance, especially if you intend to reach the park close to noon, since the park will be full of people by then. To avoid any such trouble, start early and pack essentials such as extra clothes, towels, swimwear, etc. Start from the bottom of the park and make your way up, since you do not want to miss any activity or ride. Try to stay as late as possible, since the sheer size of the park requires a long time to explore and after 5 pm, it starts to clear out, giving you quicker access to the rides you may have missed. Also, rather than eating at the cramped cafes in the park, carry your own food and water, and be prepared to wait in queues. Time spent here will surely be worth your time and effort.

Finally, make sure to take pictures of all the rides you tried and the views you enjoyed. After all, it’s an experience that should be treasured for a lifetime! Enjoy your trip to Legoland and enjoy every moment spent here with your family and friends. Have a great time!

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