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Tips for Sticking To a Tight Budget While Having an Unforgettable Holiday

If you dream of going on your own unforgettable holiday, you may have long thought it to be nothing more than an impossible dream.  Although taking an unforgettable holiday requires a lot of planning and preparation and a reasonable amount of money to work with; there are plenty of things you can do to cut costs and make money while you are travelling.  In the following article, we will look at some of these money-saving and making tips, hopefully encouraging you to forge ahead with your plans for that unforgettable holiday.

Consider Visiting Cheaper Areas

Most people’s ideas of an unforgettable holiday involve travelling to somewhere very exotic, but does that mean it has to be somewhere particularly expensive?  Not necessarily, especially if you decide to venture to the more developing regions of Asia and Southern America.  These areas are still very exciting, with the distinct advantage of being very affordable too.  By choosing to travel to places such as Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, Bangkok and Buenos Aires; you are bound to have a memorable time for less money.

Work As You Travel

If you have a limited budget or are going away for long enough that you need to think about making money while travelling, you could do so by writing if you bring your laptop along with you.  Although you could work in bars and restaurants and places like that while travelling, working online as a freelance writer is not only more profitable but more flexible too.  One of the best ways to do this is by looking for people who need written work completed.  This could be material for their blog or website, but it could also be written essays for their coursework.

You may even be able to use your travel experiences as part of the research for your written work, as travel and geography-related topics are always in demand.  Although virtually anyone with a good grasp of the written language and the ability to read can do this kind of work; it will especially suit you if you enjoy researching and learning things.

Keep Expenses As Low As Possible

Along with the above tips, another important piece of advice to save money while travelling is to be savvy with what you choose to spend money on and how much you spend.  Instead of staying in the fanciest hotel and eating at the most expensive restaurants; you could make it easier on yourself and your wallet by compromising on certain luxuries.  If you are not going to be spending much time in your hotel, why not choose somewhere that is warm, comfortable and a good base instead of worrying about the various amenities and extras?  You don’t have to eat out in fancy restaurants all the time you are away, particularly if you have a tight budget.  Look for authentic places that sell local cuisine but at reasonable prices. You could also consider dining in and cooking for yourself whenever possible.

Finally, look at your purchases from the viewpoint of value for money. For example, if you are going to purchase souvenirs or items for personal use; think about how much actual use you will get out of them when you return home. This way, you are less likely to buy stuff that will become just another piece of clutter in your house.

You’ll be amazed at how much further your money goes when you follow the tips in this article. It is entirely possible to have an unforgettable holiday without breaking the bank – or having to come home with a pile of debt! So go forth and explore the world while keeping your budget intact!

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