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Unforgettable Holiday In A Caravan

Caravan Holidays may seem like a strange thing to cover on the first page of a site called My Unforgettable Travel but humour us at least.

For many people, the thought of travelling in a caravan or staying in a static caravan for a week or two sounds like pure hell.  Limited space and bad weather combine to create a holiday that is an unforgettable experience for all the wrong reasons.

However, who reading this does not remember that holiday they went on with their parents in a caravan and just remembers it being fun and exciting and a little different?  We are quite sure that there are a lot of people who had similar experiences as we did.

We understand that as an adult the idea of a caravan holiday feels a bit different than it did when you were a kid.

It doesn’t have to be the two weeks of misery you think it will be in your head if you plan the trip well in advance.  In the following post, we will discuss some of the ways you could ensure that your caravan holiday, regardless of whether you are going with a full family of kids or just as a couple, is as unforgettable as possible.

Plan Your Route

Figure out where you want to go and check out the caravan sites that are available in that area and find one that suits your budget and specific needs.  This is perhaps our favourite part of caravan holidays – the world is your oyster and it is a good opportunity to visit places you have never been to before.

Take Plenty Of Supplies

Although you may not want to buy too much food before, especially if you only have a small fridge and freezer, it is still worth taking a lot of tinned goods and packets of cereal and pasta, so that you always have a stockpile of supplies in your caravan..

Think About Entertainment

As you can’t really predict the weather, it is important to prepare for the worst.  There may be days where you end up staying in your caravan from dawn until dusk, so you need to ensure that there is enough to keep you busy so that you are not bored and so as to avoid any disputes or arguments.  Cards, board games, painting supplies and other things like that are good ideas to make sure you are still spending time with your travelling partners despite the bad weather.

Pack A Camera And Charger

Whether you rely on your smartphone or a separate digital camera, remember to bring it as one of the ways you can capture the memories you make on holiday is by taking lots of pictures.  You could also keep ticket stubs, toll bridge receipts, maps and other bits and pieces from your trip to help keep the memories alive when you get back home.

Keep It Simple

If you have never been on a caravan holiday or it is your first time being in charge of planning and organising, remember to keep things as simple as possible.  If you overcomplicate things, you will only add to what can at times be a stressful type of holiday.  Remember any holiday, in this instance, a caravanning one is all about having some R&R and fun!

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