January 2015

Taking Care of Your Back while Traveling Around

For people with back pain, traveling can be a scary endeavor. Traveling tends to put people in positions that are uncomfortable for their back, which can cause severe pain and long-lasting effects for those who already deal with constant back pain. If not approached correctly,
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Travel With No Limits – Do It Yourself!

The start of a beautiful journey, via Werner Beyer on Flickr Everybody likes to travel in a slightly different way. Some pack light and go with the flow, others prefer structure. Some like to go in a group and others fly solo. For each individual there are aspects of their
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Unforgettable Sailing Holidays in 2015

The New Year has started and for those who have been bitten by wanderlust the best way to start the new cycle is by planning a trip. Most of us have been to resorts and hotels, maybe even hostels and beachfront cabanas, but they say you haven’t really lived until you’ve spent a
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5 Accessories You Need for a Winter Sun Holiday

Getting away for a sun holiday during the winter could be just what you need to beat the wintertime blues. But before you head off on the adventure of a lifetime and for some much-needed respite, check out the five accessories below that you should not forget to pack. A Good
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Go North in January

Getting away in January is one of the few ways you can combat the Christmas blues. After a good few days of consuming your own weight in turkey and drinking copious amounts of alcohol it is hard to get the endorphins back flowing through your body. However, January hardly has an
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