Three Unique Cruise Holidays

    Is it starting to feel like the nine to five is taking over your life? It’s important to remember that, although work is important, it should not be everything. Taking a break helps you to recharge your batteries. If you take a vacation away from it all, you can
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Why a Holiday in Turkey Should Be Next on Your Agenda

  A visit to Turkey really is a must for any traveller.  Luxury beach resorts and gorgeous coasts are plentiful in this beautiful country, and the cities are steeped in history, so whether you want to chill on the beach or explore the ancient ruins, there really is something
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How Thailand Blew My Mind

I didn’t start to travel the whole outside of the Mediterranean until I was 26 so I led a pretty sheltered life for most of it in terms of exploration. Is the sea really that blue in Thailand? The first time I saw the turquoise waters of Asia it blew my mind! I had seen Thailand
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Unforgettable Holiday in Malta

If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday in Europe but want to go somewhere a little different, you could have the experience of a lifetime in Malta.  This small country is not only famous for its warm European climate, it’s low crime rate and historically significant
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Unforgettable Holiday in Thailand

The Far East country of Thailand is a holiday destination favoured mainly by those looking for some excitement and exotic.  In the following article, you will discover, with its combination of indulgence, spellbinding natural beauty and affordability that is very easy to have a
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