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Go North in January

Getting away in January is one of the few ways you can combat the Christmas blues. After a good few days of consuming your own weight in turkey and drinking copious amounts of alcohol it is hard to get the endorphins back flowing through your body. However, January hardly has an abundance of sunny vacations possible to us. So, instead of looking for sun, look for snow. Look north, not south.

If you visit transun.co.uk you will soon discover numerous places in the North of Europe to get away from the Christmas come down. So what can you see and do in the northern realms of Europe in January?

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s greatest events. The aurora borealis, as they properly called, is a phenomenon that takes your breath away. The vivid green, and sometimes red, light that envelops the night sky is spectacular.

by Jökull Másson

Besides going to the desolate islands of Canada, you can see this wonder in all its glory in Norway, Finland, Sweden and, if you are really feeling adventurous, Iceland. Do not fear if you cannot afford a trip to Scandinavia, there are some places in Britain that get treated to a glimpse. Just keep a watchful eye on Aurora Watch.

 Whale Watching

The sheer size of whales is simply staggering. These water mammals, the largest on the planet, love the chilly climes of the Arctic. Humpback whales are the native residents in this ocean, the Arctic, and the sound of them coming up to breath fills the fjords.

by Simon K Ager

One whale is something, but a whole school of these gargantuan beings is stunning. It is more than likely that you will encounter a school out hunting for some tasty herring, and that is a sight that soon warms even the most of depressed souls.

Husky sledding

Huskies are one of the more beautiful dogs. It seems that everyone has a natural affinity for them. And while they are easy on the eye, they are even better on the reins. You cannot head to this part of the world and not partake in some husky sledding.

by Tambako the Jaguar

With a history dating back nearly 30,000 years in what is now Mongolia, dog sledding is in an integral part to life in these snow-filled regions. Not only is it wicked good fun, but it is also the quickest way to get around. If you have had one too many drinks the night before then this is the perfect hangover remedy.

Sleeping in an Igloo

by Podknox

Nothing says the Arctic more than sleeping in an Igloo. These ice houses are synonymous with the snow and staying in one should be considered a must by all snow lovers.

In conclusion, it does everyone a world of good getting away for a little part of January. Otherwise, the month can be a misery. If you do have a little bit of spare change and can afford to get away then it is imperative that you look north. There cannot be any point in looking for a holiday destination that may have the sun. And even when they do it still isn’t going to be as hot as you would like. That is unless you are planning on vacating in the Southern Hemisphere. If that is the case… enjoy!

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