The Simple Reasons You Don’t Catch Fish

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There is no angler who has not experienced at least a single bad day of fishing they would like to forget at some point. No one wants to have to admit this, but most people have had a horrible day of fishing at one point or another. The fact is, this happens. However, if your landing net is beginning to accumulate cobwebs or you don’t know what the term ‘bass thumb’ means then you likely need the tips highlighted here.

Some of the reasons you are probably not catching any fish are found here.

You Remain in the Same Location

There is no type of magic formula that will dictate the amount of time you should remain in the same location prior too moving. However, if you are in the same location for more than an hour with no bites what-so-ever, then it is high time to rethink the location you have selected. Take some time to look around. Are you trying to fish where there is a structure? Or is there a current? A number of game fish will be around these features so try to find one when you pick your ‘fishing hole.’

You Know Nothing of the Tide Conditions or Weather

The tide conditions and weather can play a huge role in the amount of fishing success you have. Anglers will often avoid any fishing on completely clear days because it means a cold front, which means challenging fishing conditions. Also, fish will also feed more aggressively right before a front comes in or the pressure drops. If you are going to be fishing in saltwater or in a freshwater tidal area, then it is crucial you look at the tide charts in order to plan your fishing during the right conditions.

You’re Over-Thinking Your Fishing Strategies

If you have ever fished in a competitive tournament then you have likely experienced all the frustration that goes along with over-thinking your strategy. If you begin to second-guess yourself in terms of tactics that are working well for you in the past, you may be spending the entire day switching your tackle spots or baits, never giving them a real time to get one option to work.

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