Unforgettable visit to a French cave in Lozère

Lozère is no doubt one of the top places to visit in France; this World’s Heritage listed region is part of Languedoc Roussillon’s department, which is situated in the South East of France. This amazing region hosts a lot of natural sites including huge forests, mountains, rivers, dolmens, and one of the best caves to visit in the world.

pic2Aven Armand is one of those places that makes you realize how powerful and how artistically inspired nature can sometimes be. Once you have accessed the cave by a funicular to the first platform, your guide will take you down to the depths of the underground.



World record

Situated 150 meters under the ground, the Aven Armand cave not only hosts 400 majestic limestone stalagmites, it is also home to the highest stalagmite ever discovered on Earth. This 30 meters high stalagmite landed a word record.

400-000m3’s site

The size of the cave is also really impressive, in fact its volume could accommodate the great French Cathedral: Notre Dame de Paris.

pic3Sound and Light

Since 2014 the cave has been equipped with a Mapping 3D Sound and Light that adds a sense of magic to this fantastic site. Projected images display colourful waterfalls, fantastic plants and giant crystals… strange creatures from the centre of the Earth make up the show’s finale.


Unforgettable 3 stars site

Michelin’s Travel Guide has recently awarded Aven Armand with 3 stars. Visit to this site brings a real experience of the underworld; you will never forget this place hidden under one of the French wildest grounds, where sounds, lights, and images flicker between fiction and reality.

Aven Armand is not only one of the most beautiful caves in the world, it probably also is one of the most unforgettable sites you will never visit.

For more information about the visit and how to get there, please feel free to visit their website: http://www.aven-armand.com/

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