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3 Great Fishing Apps to Use in Florida

One of the most popular activities that a person can participate in during the summer is fishing. For years, this has been a favorite hobby of people all over the country. There are a number of ways you can enhance the overall level of efficiency that you have while fishing. With the rise in technology, many different fishing apps have sprouted up. These apps can teach a new fisherman a lot and are all well worth the money that is paid for them. The following are a few of the best apps to use when heading out on a fishing trip.

The Pro Angler App

One of the most popular and legitimate apps on the market is Pro Angler. This app can help the fisherman pick out the best fishing spots in a variety of locations. There is also a weather station built in that will give up-to-date information regarding the forecast in a particular area. You will also be able to get a look at the various species of fish in an area so you can easily identify them when you catch them. Many avid fishermen use this app with great success.

Orvis Fly Fishing

Another very popular and useful app that you can use is Orvis Fly Fishing. For people new to the world of fly fishing, this app can help them greatly. This app can teach things like fly fishing techniques and even how to tie some of the most difficult knots. It is also great for learning the locations of some of the best fly fishing spots in Florida.


The last app that we will talk about is FishBrain. This app can help a fisherman identify different species quickly and accurately. It also has information on how to properly bait, lure, and rig their poles correctly. What makes this particular app unique is its ability to track catches with GPS technology so you can always go back and find productive areas to fish again in the future.

Overall, these apps are all great for anyone looking for an edge when going out on a fishing trip in Florida. Whether it’s identifying species or finding new places to cast your line, these apps will be sure to make your Florida fishing trips more productive and enjoyable. So take advantage of them and get out there, catch some fish, and have fun!

Happy fishing!