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Helping your man choose the right engagement ring

Engagement ring shopping is perhaps the most fraught part of the pre-marriage ritual. Sometimes both the man and the woman do it together, but often it is just the man, who has the massive responsibility on his shoulder of finding the ring that will actually make her happy. In this post, we will look at a few key issues around the man choosing the ring, and how it can be handled well, rather than completely messed up.

One of the biggest myths out there right now (it’s actually been a thing’ for decades) is that the ring should cost two months’ worth of salary from the man’s point of view. This is now seen as being rather quaint, and completely off base when it comes to modern times. Instead, men are finding that they should buy the very best ring they can afford without going into debt. It is that simple. Women are starting to expect the very best, and having something that doesn’t match up to those expectations can be a real killer when it comes to starting off potential married life.

Most men now know that the very best way to buy engagement rings is to shop through referrals. If the man has friends and family who have bought rings before in their lives, it is always good for him to ask them for a referral to a good jeweler. If you want to help your man out in this regard, do some digging yourself, and ask your girlfriends if they are engaged or married, and where their partner got the ring from. This works out best for you because at least you will know that your man has found a ring from a decent supplier, rather than something that just isn’t going to work.

If you want to help your man out even more, you may need to have a little word with him about diamonds. The bigger the diamond, the more it needs to be certified by a reputable source, not to mention insured, and quickly. Ask him to do his homework and if he wants to surprise you with a big diamond, choose a reputable retailer that can supply authentication paperwork and also approach a strong insurer that can manage such a purchase. It only pays off in the end as you get the peace of mind of knowing that your diamond is real and that it is insured if the worst should happen.

Finally, if you want to help your man find the perfect engagement ring, do a little talking around the subject. You don’t have to go shopping with him, but you can most certainly give him an idea of what you want. It is going to be scrutinized by your girlfriends, so the more you tell him about the kind of ring you want, the better the end result.

Put the above ideas into play, and having the engagement ring you want won’t be left to chance. Instead, it should go smoothly.

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