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Sending Gifts Home on Your Travels without Breaking the Bank

When you’re traveling you’re missing out on those all-important days. From birthdays to christenings to weddings and even Christmas, it can be difficult to celebrate away from your loved ones. Due to this, sending little presents and trinkets home can be a great way of staying in touch and marking the occasion. However, doing this isn’t always practical, and it can be quite expensive if you’re sending a large gift. Here’s our handy guide to the best tips and tricks:

Factor Delivery into Present Price (and Time)

If you’re in Australia and you’re sending your present back to the UK, then it is going to have to travel halfway around the world to make it home. Due to this, even though, parcel delivery companies have driven down prices in the last few years, it is still likely to come at a cost. For this reason, you have to factor in this price before you purchase your present. Companies like TNT have an on-site calculator so you can work out how much it will cost before you even buy it.

As well as price, be sure to remember the time when you’re shipping your package, parcel delivery is far quicker than it used to be, but if you want it to arrive on a specific day you’ll need to plan in advance.

Keep the Size (and weight) of What You’re Sending Small

Calculations on how much your package will cost to send are based on its size and weight. For this reason, you’re much better off selecting to send a small trinket or a token gift rather than a large package. After all, it’s the thought that counts when you’re on the other side of the world.

In addition, make sure you check with customs rules about what you can bring in and what quantity. You don’t want your present blocked at customs after all that effort.

Consider Using a Travel Companion

Finally, if one of your fellow travelers is heading home to the UK, then consider asking them if they’ll take it with them. They’ll still have to pay to post it in the UK, of course, but it’ll be cheaper than sending it from the country you’re in. Obviously, trust is an issue here, and so is counting on them remembering, so make sure it is a close friend (with plenty of room in their suitcase) before you ask them.

These tips should help you send home presents without breaking the bank and ensure your loved ones get a special memento of your travels. Just make sure you plan and weigh up all the options before you commit to any purchase.

Good luck!

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