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The Best of Italy – Yacht Charter Destinations

This summer you may have to make some difficult choices when booking a luxury yacht charter in Italy. Do you fancy some shopping and a long lunch in Portofino, or is Positano more your style? Are the colorful fishing villages of the famed Cinque Terre what you’re looking for, or would you prefer the long, deserted beaches of Puglia? Canals of Venice or erupting volcano? Sicilian tranquility or Porto Cervo buzz?

Whichever itinerary you go for, don’t worry…

There are no wrong choices when planning an Italian yacht charter, not with cruising this good.

The Italian Riviera

A perfect yachting itinerary for those who also want to see the French Riviera, the gems of the Italian Riviera include one of the prettiest, most glamorous ports in the world: Portofino. Further along, the Ligurian coast is the spectacular Cinque Terre, where five colorful fishing villages are linked by a walking trail along the towering, rugged cliffs. Cruise along this awe-inspiring stretch of coastline to Tuscany, where you can explore the archipelago and disembark to take in the green rolling hills, walled cities, and exceptional Tuscan food.

Southern Italy

This volcanic region delivers an astonishing yacht charter experience, with the wonders of the Amalfi Coast and the Aeolian Islands in close proximity. While away the hours in the boutiques of glamorous Capri, get pampered in a spa in Ischia or enjoy sophisticated lunch in Positano, where bright pink bougainvillea flowers clamber over the rocky hillside down to the deep blue sea. Take a leisurely cruise along this stunning Amalfi coastline with its picturesque white villages, steep lemon terraces, and perfect blue-green anchorages. Then turn for the Aeolian Islands, watching from the sundeck at night as the Stromboli volcano spits red fury and boulders into the darkness, vivid streams of red lava snaking slowly down the mountainside. Enjoy the local hot springs and mud baths before carrying on to explore the anchorages and villages of low-key, beautiful Sicily.


Loved for its glamour as well as for its unspoiled beauty, Sardinia is one of the most popular destinations on the global yachting map. White sandy beaches, spectacular diving, and sheltered anchorages abound in this stunning archipelago, while the designer boutiques, upmarket restaurants, and 5-star hotels of Porto Cervo create an unmistakable atmosphere of sophistication. Get comfortable on a deckchair and cruise past medieval villages, orange and lemon groves, and deep forests. This is extraordinary cruising.

East Italy

The Adriatic coast offers a yachting holiday of extremes- the rustic, the historic, and the culturally refined.  Enjoy the long perfect beaches and quiet anchorages of Puglia, far from the glitz of Capri. Visit local tavernas serving up fresh-caught seafood, homemade pasta, and crunchy focaccias, and swim in crystal clear coves that you have all to yourself.  Explore maze-like villages and baroque churches, olive groves, and the UNESCO-listed coned houses of Alberobello.  Puglia has 800 kilometers of coastline to explore and delight in, with its architecture and history reflecting the many invasions that have shaped its history and culture. Once you’ve had your fill, set your course for Venice, the jewel in the Adriatic crown. Coming into this uniquely beautiful canal city by superyacht is the experience of a lifetime- its famous spires and domes rise above the busy waterways and gondolas.

No matter what your tastes are, an Italian yacht charter is a perfect way to explore and experience this beautiful country. Enchanting cities, warm people, delicious local cuisine, and some of the world’s most beguiling scenery awaits you in Italy. These options are just a glimpse of what you could do during an Italian luxury yacht charter.

The question is, how much time have you got? Never mind if you can’t do it all, there’s always next year, and when it comes to spectacular yachting destinations, Italy just keeps on giving. With a stunningly diverse selection of unparalleled sailing spots, Italy promises a silver-screen-worthy adventure and unforgettable experience. Start planning your yacht charter in this remarkable country today!

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