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Three Must-See Miami Locations

Miami is without a doubt the crown jewel of South Florida, offering a little something for everyone. Whether you wish to laze about and soak up the sun on utopian-like beaches, try your luck at the luxury casinos or experience one of the greatest zoos that the nation has to offer, you are guaranteed to never feel bored while you enjoy some much-needed time off from the hustle and bustle of work life. Here are three places that should definitely make it onto your Miami bucket list.

South Beach

It is impossible to mention must see locations around Miami and not start with the picturesque clear blue waters of South Beach. When most people think about the typical Miami experience, chances are that it is South Beach that they have in their minds. This hot spot is known not only for its great surfing spots and white sand beaches, but also for its world class shopping and partying experiences. With a large number of hotels available, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone, allowing you to experience everything that the area has to offer, all in walking distance from your accommodation.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

This fantastic casino near Florida’s Hollywood by the Sea features one of the state’s largest gaming floors, making it a must see location for all the gambling lovers out there.

The resort’s Hard Rock Live arena is also a must see, hosting everything from headline musical acts to hilarious live comedians and even the odd boxing event, to keep everyone entertained.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami holds the title as the largest as well as the oldest zoological garden in the whole of Florida, making it a must see location for all animal lovers. Thanks to the fantastic climate of the region, this family friendly location is home to a massive variety of animals from all over the world. Each exhibit is grouped based on their geographical territory, allowing visitors to gain a glimpse into the memorising wildlife that our beautiful planet has to offer.

With an array of family-friendly activities to enjoy, such as the giraffe feedings and interactive shows, Zoo Miami is a no-brainer for anyone seeking fun experiences in the Miami area.

These three locations are only just scratching the surface of what Miami has to offer; however, they do provide a great starting point when looking to plan your next holiday destination. With its beautiful beaches, thrilling casinos, and captivating wildlife parks all within reach of the city centre, it is more than easy to understand why this location has been so popular over time. So pack up your bags and head on down South for an unforgettable experience!

By Jason Swindon 

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