Interesting and Creative Transit Ads From Around the World

1[1]One of the best ways to get a large number of people’s attention is by transit ads, sometimes known as municipal or public transportation advertising space.  They are normally found inside and outside both vehicles and stations making them very visible to potential customers and clients and cost effective.

Other advantages are that they are always on and do all the hard work for you and can be used to target people in certain areas more affectively.  If you still need convincing of how good they can be look at a selection of some of the best and most creative transit ad campaigns from around the world in the following article.

Guarana Antarctica Football Goalposts

Full size goal posts were placed in bus shelters around Sao Paulo during the World Cup 2-14 to advertise Guarana Antarctica.  Not only was it eye catching but gave people something to connect the drink that was being advertised with the global even that was happening in Brazil for those couple of weeks.

Wonderbra: I Broke the Glass

The eye-catching Wonderbra: I Broke the Glass advert was also in Frankfurt, Germany to advertise the popular bras and featured a woman’s torso wearing one of the bras with her chest seeming to smash the bus shelter glass.

Movie Up Balloons Transit Ad

To help promote the Disney Pixar movie Up, about an old man who attaches lots of helium filled balloons to his house and flies it off on an adventure, transit ads featuring the bus shelter poster, had colourful balloons attached to the roof of the bus shelter as if they were attached to the rope in the poster.  Ingenious way to attract people’s attention and likely helped generate interest in movie ticket sales.

PlayStation Bubble Wrap Bus Stop Ad

Sony advertised its PS2 console in Malaysia using boards featuring the different buttons on PS controllers wrapped in bubble wrap.  You could press the bubble wrap on the different buttons until your heart was content.

Victoria Bug Zoo

To help promote and advertise a bug zoo a transit ad featured a plastic sheet that included lots of tiny magnifying glasses.  The idea was that passers-by’s could look through the magnifying glasses to see exactly what a bug sees.

Ecko Clothing Bluetooth Graffiti Transit Ad

Designed by the Design Factory International in Hamburg, Germany to advertise the Eck Clothing label; the Graffiti ad enabled people to access a city light using their Bluetooth to spray some graffiti using their phone.

3M $3 Dollar Security Glass

To advertise the security firm 3M, advertisers placed a transit ad on a busy high street with what appeared to have $3 in cash stored inside.  The idea was that if you could smash the glass and prove the company wrong, you got to keep the money.  The reality was that the majority of the money was fake, with only $500 on top being real. There was also a security guard by the glass at all times to ensure that people only tried to break it with their feet and if they were successful didn’t take any of the fake money.

Quicksilver Clothing Label

The Quicksilver Ramp was a transit ad used to advertise the clothing label in Copenhagen by having a real skateboard ramp mounted onto a bus shed, allowing passer-by’s and bus passengers to kill time while waiting for the bus by doing tricks on the ramp.

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