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Long-distance Moving Tips

One of the best things you can do to ensure your long distance mover make your move go smoothly is to pay for expedited delivery.  Expedited delivery is an option for long-distance moves that ensures your belongings will arrive on a certain particular date.  This is in contrast to another option, the first available delivery date, which allows the company to deliver your items on any day within a specified window after a certain date.  Expedited delivery means that your items will be delivered on a particular date that you specify, which allows for you to plan your unpacking, etc. more easily. With expedited delivery, two moving crews will be sent on the truck so that they can drive for longer periods of time at a stretch.

That also means that the same people will load and unload your items, which can increase efficiency.  This service does come at a premium cost because the moving company has to pay two moving crews per shipment, but it can be very much worth the extra money.  You can rest assured that you will know exactly when your items will arrive and that the same people will manage your move from start to finish.  That alone can be worth every penny of the extra fee you will be charged for the service.

Another good tip for streamlining a long-distance move is to hire a moving consultant.  Because long-distance moves have a lot of moving parts, as it were, hiring a skilled moving consultant can help take care of all of the aspects of the move.  They can handle the logistics of the move that will leave you to take care of other things, while resting assured that your move will be handled the with maximum efficiency.  They can help you determine the best moving date for you, and walk you through the options like such as whether you need an expedited delivery or a dedicated truck, for example.  They can help you figure out which options are best for you and which ones you don’t need to spend extra money on.

One of the best reasons to hire a moving consultant is that they can help make sure that all of the little things you might otherwise forget are taken care of.  Moving requires you to take care of countless little tasks, and although a moving consultant probably can’t take care of these tasks for you because of confidentiality concerns, they can help keep you on task and ensure that all of these little things are not forgotten.  Such items including transferring your credit card billing information to your new address, notifying your children’s school of the move, transferring your mail, and more.  By making sure you take care of these small but important tasks, a moving consultant can take a lot of the stress of moving off of your mind.  Sometimes all you need to execute a complicated task is someone to keep you on task and to make lists for you.  A moving consultant can help you do that.

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