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Unforgettable Holiday in Rhodes

The Greek island of Rhodes is a wonderful combination of different contrasts.  If you are a sightseeing, history and culture buff, who also loves the sea and trying out all manner of thrill-seeking activities in-between chilling out on the beach or at a café; then Rhodes was made for you.  In the following article we will look at some of the things you must see and do to have a truly memorable time.

Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town used to be the home of the giant statue of Colossus of Rhodes, a huge statue of the ancient Greek god.  Nowadays though, it is more famous for the Old Town – a heady cultural and historical mix of mosques, churches, palaces, alleys and cobbled squares.


There are many perfectly photogenic medieval style little villages outside the capital on Rhodes; however, Lindos is perhaps the most impressive.  If you want to check out Kleooulous famous tomb or the amphitheatre and Acropolis, you need to go to Lindos.

Petaloudes Valley, Valley of Butterflies

As the climate on Rhodes generally ranges from fair to middling to scorching hot, you may need to take a break from the gorgeous beaches on the island.  When you do you should use the opportunity to visit the truly mesmerising Valley of Butterflies, where you will be able to take snaps of some incredible butterflies.

Epta Piges, 7 Springs

Epta Piges is another site worth visiting to get away from the often blistering Rhodes’ sun.  The 7 Springs are not only something to marvel at, but very cooling as well.

Kallithea Thermal Baths

You cannot have an unforgettable holiday on Rhodes without visiting the awe-inspiring thermal baths that were built at the turn of the 20th century by Italians.  These baths recently underwent some renovation after being left unused and abandoned for many years.  The exotic vegetation of this area, the perfectly crystal clear sea and the amazingly architecture make this place look and feel like something from the movies.


Rhodes, like other Greek and European islands is very famous for its beaches and to turn up the heat on your trip and ensure you have a memorable time, you need to check out at least one or two of the sandy coastal paradises the island has to offer.

Greek Villages for Greek Culture

In order to make your trip unforgettable you will want to try and immerse yourself fully in Greek culture, eating and drinking Greek food and spending time mingling with some of the locals.  The best way to do this is by visiting the smaller, rural villages as well as the bigger, more modern cities.

Ostrich Farm and Park

If you are an animal lover, the Rhodes Ostrich Farm and Park should be one of the landmarks that are top of your list for visiting on your special trip to Rhodes.  In a very naturally scene area you have the opportunity to admire the various flowers, plants and trees as you observe rare animals and birds in their habitats.  The ostriches are a real treat, as is the available the camel ride!

Faliraki Water Park

As well as culture, history and architecture that takes you back in time, Rhodes also provides fun and entertainment for those days when you just want to let your hair down at the bar, go for a swim in the pool and slide down some of the biggest water slides and other water based attractions at one of the biggest waterparks in Europe.

This is just a small selection of the activities and sights that you could enjoy while on holiday in Rhodes. With its stunning architecture, friendly locals and amazing natural landscape, this island will make your holiday an unforgettable experience. Make sure to add as many of these attractions as possible to your itinerary for a magical journey through time!

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