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How to Make Package Holidays More Luxurious

Package holidays are a great way to get away from it all and enjoy a stress-free break without many of the usual headaches associated with holidays.  I was reminded of how nice they were as I was watching a video on the topic this weekend.  The video was a look back from the 60s to the present day at how much package holidays and how we book holidays have changed.

It was surprising learning about how there was one main passenger airplane in production in the beginning and how that was replaced by the still-used today Boeing 747.  I was also interested in how much technology has changed and improved and how that has affected package holidays and holiday booking.  People have more information as well at their disposal, as proven by the subject of this article – giving you tips on how to make an already luxurious package holiday a little bit better.

Take Food To Go

If you find the experience of having 3 meals every day of your holiday in the same on-site restaurant a bit dull and tiring; you could take your food elsewhere.  Ask for your food to be prepared to take out and head to the beach and enjoy the same food you would in the restaurant in a more relaxing environment.  Many hotels will even arrange picnic baskets for you.

Research Thoroughly The Available Amenities

Most resorts have a list of water sports and accessories that are included in the holiday price.  It is worthwhile looking over the information about the resort before you arrive so that you know the kinds of things you can do there such as windsurfing, paddle-boating, tennis, and other sporting activities.

Take A Wander Round The Neighbourhood

Although you may want to stay within the resort, you don’t know what treats may lie beyond the boundaries of your holiday destination.  It could be that the beach just along your resort has the best sand in the area or the best waves for the best surfing experience.  You may not know that until you get outside and take a wander.

Arrange Private Cooking Classes

As with anything in life, if you don’t ask – you don’t get.  The worst anyone can say is no.  Keep that in mind when you are on holiday and you try a local dish in a restaurant and really want to learn how to make it.  You never know what the hotel may be able to do for you if you just ask if they can point you in the direction of someone who could teach you a recipe.

Request Some Romance

Another way to make the stay at even the best package holiday resort is to just ask for things.  If you are having a honeymoon break for two or that romantic getaway you have been planning for two years, make it as special as you can.  Ask to have your pudding in the bathtub.  If you don’t have any bubbles or bath salts, ask the staff for some and order some champagne and strawberries.

Take A Tour Of The City

If your chosen resort is near a city, why not take the opportunity to explore it? Many package holiday resorts will offer day trips or excursions into cities and other nearby attractions, but if you don’t fancy that maybe a self-guided tour would be more enjoyable. You can research places of interest and pick out all the interesting spots you want to visit in advance. The extra effort could make this part of your holiday as memorable as any other.

These are just some of the ways that you can make your package holiday more luxurious. Remember that most things are possible, so don’t hesitate to ask for what you want.

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