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Best Pattaya Hotspots for Expat Travel

Pattaya is one of Thailand’s must-go-to cities for ex-pats. The city of Pattaya is well-known throughout Thailand to be the most attractive city to live or visit due to the numerous attractions found throughout the city. For ex-pats, Pattaya serves as an excellent destination to relax and participate in the city’s rambunctious nightlife that stretches until morning. Others who choose the silent seas, and less-than-crowded beaches can enjoy Pattaya’s stunning beaches, found along the coastline. Pattaya ultimately features a lot of activities to do in a short or long-term period for locals and ex-pats alike. For new ex-pats visiting the city for the first time, it’s best to check out these awesome Pattaya hotspots to make the most out of your time in the city that never sleeps.

Walking Street

Walking Street is the densest street in Pattaya, packed with many outstanding entertainment and dining-out venues for travelers to choose from. Walking Street features vibrant neon lights (as well as small kiosks for those who wish to nibble on barbequed squid on the beach). For those who plan on exploring the strip to the fullest, there’s an excellent collection of restaurants, including top-notch bars serving freshly mixed cocktails and fresh seafood to boot.

Ice Bar Pattaya

Smack dab in Central Pattaya is one of the stranger bars in Pattaya that gives you the chills. The V2O Ice Bar is Pattaya’s most chilled-out destination in the entire city. As the name implies, the Ice Bar is completely made out of ice. Patrons will be subjected to a -20 degrees Celsius temperature, sipping away signature cocktails or enjoying weekly specials.

V2O Ice Bar is located on Soi 15 on Walking Street. Luckily for those planning on visiting this bar, there are many beachfront Pattaya hotels, found close to here. If you intend on having a great time downing great drinks without being subjected to Thailand’s intense heat wave, this is the place to be.

North Pattaya (Naklua Beach, Wong Amat Beach, Sanctuary of Truth & Tiffany’s Show)

Diverging away from the crazed-induced South Pattaya known for its sights and sounds, North Pattaya in comparison is quite the opposite. North Pattaya is more serene and relaxed, featuring the awe-inspiring Sanctuary of Truth, the pristine blue waters of Naklua and Wong Amat Beach, and the famous Tiffany’s cabaret. Unlike Jomtien Beach, Naklua Beach is best suited for those who prefer to chill out on the sandy white beach without the disturbance of unsightly sights and sounds.  For more adventurous ex-pats, Naklua Beach is best known for its windsurfing activities. The equipment can be rented on-site or through nearby shops.

For those who prefer to get away from the sun, there’s the Sanctuary of Truth. The Sanctuary of Truth is an astonishing, handmade sculpture etched from wood, portraying the Ramayana epic.

When it’s cooler in the evening, one of the best places to have a good time is Tiffany’s Show. Tiffany’s Show is the epitome of shows in Pattaya featuring stunning and talented ladyboys performing on stage. Each musical piece lasts for about five to ten minutes, featuring solo acts and group performances choreographed to the beats and stage lights. At the end of the show, visitors can meet the performers outside and snap photos of them (sometimes, for a fee).

Undoubtedly, Pattaya is an amazing destination to travel to as the city is brimming with numerous things to do, see and eat. Choosing the best time to vacation is critical to having an excellent time in Thailand’s most popular expat-filled city in the Gulf of Thailand.

How many days in Pattaya is enough?

The length of time in Pattaya depends on what you plan to do, and how much time you have. Generally speaking, two days is long enough to get a good taste of the city’s attractions as well as experience its nightlife. Longer stays are recommended if they wish to explore other parts of Chonburi such as Koh Samet or Khao Yai National Park. A minimum of four days is suggested if travelers want to see everything Pattaya has to offer.

Ultimately, there isn’t a right answer when it comes down to visiting the city – which makes for a great destination for those looking for something new every time they visit. Whether you decide to stay for one day or many more you’ll truly enjoy all that Pattaya has to offer. Enjoy your stay!

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