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Traveling by Eurostar –Safety and Comfort and Convenience

A holiday through some of the most scenic locales of Europe on a high-speed train could be a most thrilling and memorable experience for almost anyone. The Eurostar promises all this and more, travelling at a speed of almost 300 miles per hour between the UK and the European mainland. According to the Rail Europe website, this train links the three main capitals of Europe – London, Paris and Brussels. It runs seasonal routes, where during the summer months of July to September, the train offers direct services between London and Avignon, in south-east France. During the winter months of December to April, you can travel from London to Moûtiers, Aime-la-Plagne and Bourg St Maurice for easy access to more than 40 ski resorts spread through the Alps, such as including Les Arcs, Courchevel, Tignes, La Plagne and Méribel.

If you are planning on travelling to London to catch this one-of-its-kind train, a good idea is to stay at hotels near Eurostar in London, such as Comfort Inn Kings Cross St Pancras London, which is situated almost at the doorstep of Eurostar Terminal.

Quality of Services and Accolades

Since November 2007, all trains operating under the Eurostar name have been routed via High Speed 1 to the St Pancras International terminus, with the government having spent almost £800 million to achieve this. It is natural therefore to expect top class facilities and public services at all of its train stations. Over the years, this rail service has been repeatedly recognised for setting new and higher standards for the international rail travel industry. Backed up by awards such as Train Operator of the Year and Best Train Company in 2005 and 2008, respectively, there is no question regarding the high safety and convenient facilities of this service, making it a much preferred travelling option for the British, French and Belgian folk alike.

What’s more, there are several budget hotels in Central London providing easy transit to the Eurostar terminal, such as Comfort Inn Kings Cross St Pancras London. Not only can you stay at this cheap hotel in Central London for its comfort and high quality services, you also get to save a lot of time and money that would otherwise have been spent commuting to the various places of interest in the city as well as the most well connected stations.

Security and Control

Since international journeys involve crossing various national borders, passengers are subject to strict security measures through border control. Governments of all three countries hold the legal right to check all travel documents and conduct background research studies of passengers entering their respective countries. Although the security measures may not be as stringent as at London Heathrow, the recommended check in time is still close to 30 minutes, since security checks are similar to those at smaller airports, complete with full body and luggage scans. Look for a hotel near Eurostar in London, since travelling to London will surely be a safe, comfortable and convenient option by Eurostar railway services.

A Faster Way to Travel

Lastly, Eurostar is known for its efficiency and reliability in time management. Travellers have the advantage of a much shorter duration journey with fewer stops when compared to other modes of transportation. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a quick and convenient connection to destinations within Europe. It is also an eco-friendly way of travelling as it consumes less fuel than air travel, thus reducing carbon emissions from the atmosphere. So, when planning your next vacation within Europe, look no further than Eurostar – the luxury train service that offers you comfort, convenience and safety!

With high quality services such as these available at a fraction of airline costs, it’s no surprise why more people are choosing to travel by Eurostar. So, book your tickets today and enjoy your journey through Europe! And don’t forget to stay in a hotel near Eurostar in London, for an easy transition between the terminal and your hotel. Have a great trip!

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