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Unforgettable El Yunque Hiking Trips with Kids

If you are here in Puerto Rico, one of the reasons is bound to be El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the whole of North America! Choose a bright sunny day for heading out for your El Yunque Puerto Rico tours. It is conveniently located and traveling from San Juan would take only about 45 minutes! And, if you have kids in tow, consider taking them along as well! El Yunque hiking trips can be great fun! The island boasts of gorgeous scenic treats and there are challenging trails to be explored as well! Consider a few basic preparatory measures for a safe and enjoyable trip with your young hikers.

El Yunque Trip with Kids: Consider the Following Guidelines for Preparation

The vehicle needs to arrive on time and the seating arrangements need to be comfortable and adequate. Besides, since you have kids with you, it is also important to check if refreshments would be provided. In case there is no such provision, you would be required to carry along dry snacking items for consumption. Besides, the best way to ensure a fruitful hike is to reach early. Crowds pouring in would be lesser in number during early mornings. Therefore, engaging a punctual service provider is more important than you think.

The Hike with the Youngsters: Simple Measures for Enhanced Pleasures

When you are traveling with kids, taking note of simple things could go a long way in ensuring safety and enjoyment, both. Some of the steps to undertake include:

  • Preparing them Well: Your Rain Forest Puerto Rico tours provider would take you to your destination. Subsequently, if you wish to trek, it would be consume no less than 3 hours. It is important to let your kids know that the experience would be thrilling, but tiring. Mental preparations would be made accordingly and they would be ready to pump up the stamina.
  • Watch the Shoes: No matter how badly your kids want to head out in their flip flops, it is essentially a bad idea. Tell them that certain sections of the trek could be slippery and steep. Therefore, they need old and comfortable sneakers for a surefooted trekking experience. If they wish to try their new ones, discourage them. New shoes need to be broken in first, before trying them on challenging trekking trails.
  • No Totes or Handbags: Remember, trekking hands-free is the best bet. Therefore, opting for backpacks is the way to go. Make sure you carry essential items alone. Keeping the weight of the backpack just right is great. Besides, a backpack of ideal weight also helps in maintaining body balance through steep climbs.

It’s good to know that El Yunque Rainforest tours could be ideal picnic trips as well. There are quite a few covered picnic spots along the hiking trail. You could carry along some food stuffs and refreshments and enjoy a treat here.

Just in case you are planning to camp overnight, contact your tour provider and check if they could arrange for the same. Enjoy some of the most awesome scenic views with your kids at El Yunque! Happy Hiking!

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