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Why Have a Cosy Wedding in Edinburgh

Many couples want to have a Scottish wedding, and it is obviously natural due to the romantic memories of this nation that have been quoted in books, plays, movies and poems. Even celebrities and members of British Royal Family land at the Scottish doors to exchange their vows. With Edinburgh’s marriage law being liberal and logical, your dream wedding can flow from the depths of your imagination. Yes, there is also the overflowing whisky, but there are three other reasons why you should tie the knot in Edinburgh.

Strikingly Gorgeous all Year Round

Cosily nestled between the Pentland Hills and the Firth of Forth, the city is spectacular in its natural wonders and stunning architectural splendours. It has some of the best examples of mediaeval architecture, set against a backdrop of nature that is close to magical. So, whether you enjoy the cosmopolitan amenities or are enthusiastic about its rich history, there is a place in the city that will suit your taste. Even the cheap hotels in Edinburgh like Piries Hotel Central Edinburgh, is a treat to the eyes. And it is not just Edinburgh; Scotland on the whole is filled with breath-taking scenery and fairytale-like castles on tap. And one can just imagine the dreamy wedding photos that would grace your album.

Scotland’s Marriage Laws

Ever wondered why young lovers in English period dramas always ended up eloping to Scotland? Right from Jane Austen’s novels to the recent TV series Downton Abbey, the climax seems to hover here. According to the Scottish Marriage Act of 1753, this is the only place where couples can get married lacking parental consent. Even today, this tradition is followed, and the “given away” concept is not present, even when the couples have their parent’s consent. It seems that this place would the fitting finale to your love story. If you are planning a wedding here, be sure to book cheap accommodation in Edinburgh for friends and relatives well in advance.

The Entire City is a Possible Venue

Many places in England have restricted laws on where and how your ceremony can take place. This is a place where you can get married anywhere, and the ceremony can be individually tailored to suit you and your partner. You can choose to get married in the elegant gardens of Edinburgh castle; on the white sandy beach; atop the giant hill overlooking the city or even at the Edinburgh Zoo, for which you can find hotels near the Edinburgh Zoo to host your reception and house your guests. However, pay heed to the city’s inclement weather, you can also opt for a safer option at one of its old and magnificent indoor locations.

Seal with Whisky

Did you know that whisky was born in Scotland? Well, that is not actually true, but the Scottish sure seems to behave like that. The city is overflowing with whisky in every form. Also, there is a tradition here that dictates that couple share whisky from a Quaich as part of the ceremony to symbolise union of families. The Quaich is a two-handled cup that is usually made of wood or silver and filled with whisky. So, if you want to get married in the style of Scottish tradition, pour some whisky into your ceremony to make it stand out even more!

So, these were the four reasons why Edinburgh should be your wedding destination. It offers an unbeatable combination of natural beauty and architectural wonders; liberal marriage laws; possible venues all over the city; and whisky-laden rituals to seal your union. What else do you need? Pack your bags now and say I DO! to a Scottish destination wedding.

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