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Three Unique Cruise Holidays

Is it starting to feel like the nine-to-five is taking over your life? It’s important to remember that, although work is important, it should not be everything. Taking a break helps you to recharge your batteries. If you take a vacation away from it all, you can also get to experience new cultures and see sights that you have never witnessed before. What better way to do this than to take to the water?

Many people think of cruises as being formal affairs. They imagine that time is spent dressing up to attend events on board a ship. Not all cruises are like this though; there are some unusual cruise experiences that can really open your eyes to the world.

Cruising the Norwegian Arctic

Cruising in this part of the world makes you feel as though you are visiting a magical wonderland. You get to watch in awe as you pass by immense icebergs and breathtaking fjords. If you love animals, this is definitely a trip you will enjoy. The most amazing sight is probably that of polar bears in the wild. You can also get to see creatures such as reindeer, walruses, and beluga whales. You may think that cruising in this area would be a cold experience, but this is not the case. Travel between June and August inclusive, and you will get to experience a fairly temperate climate.

Cruising along the Mississippi

Photo Courtesy of American Queen Steamboat Company

Mississippi river cruises give you the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of the world’s fourth-largest river. This is part of the world where bourbon comes from, and you can follow the trail of its history. Music fans can follow in the footsteps of Elvis Presley, by visiting Graceland. The culture of this part of the US is heavily influenced by Europe. You can instantly see this influence if you pay a visit to the French Quarter of New Orleans. Taking a cruise along the Mississippi is a non-stop feast of different cuisines, accompanied by an array of music, as a treat for the ears.

Cruising in Borneo

This is the place to go for anyone who loves wildlife. There is a huge diversity of animal life in Borneo. One of the most familiar sights is that of orangutans in the wild. You can arrange to take part in a trek in one of the national parks on the island. Borneo is emblazoned with some of the most beautiful rainforest landscapes in the world. The beauty of the third largest island on the planet is not just land-based though. The waters surrounding Borneo are a joy to behold. They are home to eye-catching marine life and teeming coral reefs. A cruise in Borneo is something you are guaranteed to never forget.

All of these cruises have something special to offer any traveler. If you want to take a vacation remember, they all fit the bill perfectly.

Hopefully, you now have some great ideas for your next cruise holiday. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start planning!

Regardless of what kind of traveler you are, there is a perfect cruise for everyone. Whether it’s sailing in the Norwegian Arctic to spot wildlife, cruising along the Mississippi River, or exploring the rainforests of Borneo, these unique cruises offer something truly special that will stay with you long after the voyage ends. So don’t wait any longer – plan your dream adventure today!

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